A subtly sensuous perfume oil, SAOR infuses fragrances to create delicate scents that calm and captivate. To echo the essence of the scent, SAOR bottled the pure perfume oil – free of alcohol and water – in a signature bamboo box.


SAOR’s original perfume oil, a hAon (Gaelic for one) infuses fragrant bergamot, fresh white tea and airy musk to create a delicate scent that calms and captivates.


SAOR launched their second perfume oil, a Dó, (Gaelic for two), in 2018: a warm sensuous scent infusing spicy neroli blossoms, cananga, and the warmth of cedar and sandalwood to create a scent for a Dó (two): a captivating unisex scent.

SAOR Perfume